Are the books listed available in the Campus Bookshop?

Those texts marked with a B ought to be or have been on sale in the Campus Bookshop.  However, please note that lecturers have no control over whether or not the Bookshop orders what we request or when these arrive.

Texts may also be purchased from on-line bookstores such as or

Do I have to purchase the books listed?

You are not required to purchase any of the items listed simply because I have placed links on the Reading Schedule to online sources of all the Required Readings. 

However, if you prefer to work with hard copies and have the money to spend, you may wish to purchase some or all the texts listed.  Those marked with a P are the ones that I would particularly advise you to buy.  

In the case of my Literary Theory courses, links to a wide assortment of Required and Recommended Readings in Literary Theory available online may be found on the PhilWeb page devoted to the school of thought or theorist in question (see

Are any of these books in the library?  Won't the other students grab them before I get there?

Most, if not all, books mentioned on the Reading Schedule (both Required and Recommended Readings) may be found in the Main Library.  In some cases, there are several copies of each book available.

R indicates that a single copy of the book in question has been placed on reserve in the Main Library.  These are overnight loans (obtainable after 5 pm and to be returned by 10 am the following morning).  If you make use of the copies on reserve, you should photocopy the essay(s) in question and return them as soon as possible, rather than keep them overnight, in order to allow as many of your colleagues as possible to access the limited number of texts which can be placed on reserve.  Additional copies of the texts in question may in many cases also be found in the stacks.  

REF indicates that a copy of the book in question may be found in the Reference Section and, thus, may not be removed.  You will need for obvious reasons, therefore, to photocopy the relevant section(s) thereof.



B: Copies may be or have been available in Bookshop
L: A copy or copies is/are in the Library
O: On order
: You would be well advised ro purchase a copy
R: On reserve in the Library
REF: Found in the Reference Section of the Library
WIC: Found in the West India Collection of the Main Library


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