• The exam is, like all other exams in Literatures in English, 2 hours in length. You are required to do 2 questions in all, each from a different section.
  • The paper is divided into 2 sections, section A corresponding to Module II "Late Romantics / Early Victorians" and section B corresponding to Module III "Late Victorians / Alternative Voices," respectively.
  • Module 1 "Early Romantics" will not be tested again since it was examined by the term paper.
  • Sometimes questions are comparative in that they may ask you to compare two poets of your choice, while at other times questions may zero in on a single specified poet.
  • Nothing will appear on the exam which we have not discussed in some detail both in the lectures and in the tutorials. 
  • Do not prepare merely two topics: prepare at least three or, better yet, four areas to give your self an alternative(s) if your first choices do not appear on the exam;
  • In order to prepare for the exam, you should:
    • consult the appropriate lecture notes for overviews of the life and poetry of specific poets as well as recommended secondary readings;
    • carefully read and reread the poetry of the poets in question;
    • consult copies of past examination papers to become acquainted with the types of questions which may be asked of you;
    • try to anticipate the questions that may come and to prepare their answers.

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