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LITS2307 / E23G EXAM ADVICE 2004-2005

  1. The exam is 2 hours in length.  You must answer TWO essay-type questions, chosen from a total of 6.
  2. The exam is based on Module 2, though you may also draw on relevant material from Module 1.
  3. There will be:
    1. one question on Marx's philosophy of 'historical materialism' (his 'base / superstructure model,' dialectical model of history, and conception of ideology);
    2. one question on Hegelian Marxism (Lukacs' abrogation and appropriation of Hegelian concepts -- the 'expressive totality,' the dialectical development of history, and 'class consciousness' in History and Class Consciousness; Gramsci's notion of 'hegemony');
    3. two questions on Hegelian Marxist aesthetics / critical theory (Lukacs' "Art and Objective Truth"; Benjamin's "The Author as Producer" and "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction");
    4. one question on Marxist-inflected Feminist theory (Engels; Hartsock); and
    5. one question on Marxist-inflected Post-colonial theory (Fanon's Wretched of the Earth; Amuta).
  4. Questions may address issues in aesthetics / critical theory or broader philosophical issues such as the question of identity.
  5. Do not ignore essays discussed in the tutorials: these may also be tested in the exam.
  6. In preparing for the exam, regular attendance at both lectures and tutorials is an advantage, and vice versa.