Please respect the deadline which is in both your and my interest.  You will be glad you did when the deadlines for other assignments arrive.  Late submissions will be penalised.


All essays should be submitted to me in person or, if I am not on campus, left with a secretary in the departmental office.  If you follow the latter route, it is in your interest to get a receipt from the secretary in question.


Please also collect the corrected essays from me in person.  I will leave all papers uncollected by the time of the final exam in the departmental office.


Do not write more than the length stipulated.


Poorly presented and documented essays will be penalised. 

Essays must be written according to the formal guidelines laid out in The MLA Handbook.  This means that all references must be correctly documented and your essay must be accompanied by a list of Works Consulted according to the MLA Guidelines. 

For further help with your essay-writing, please consult my Essay Writing Resources located here.  Please familiarise yourself with the following handouts in particular:

My Essay Writing Guidelines

My Essay Self-Evaluation Sheet

My Correction Codes


The paper should be type-written;

The paper should be double-spaced;

Pages should be numbered;

Please insert a word count at the end.

Please do not submit essays by e-mail as an attachment: a hard copy must be submitted.

Please do not submit your paper in a plastic folder or any other kind of covering: the paper itself is sufficient.

You should keep a soft and/or hard copy of the term paper for yourself in case the one submitted gets lost.

You should not merely regurgitate material drawn from my handouts: essays should demonstrate evidence of detailled engagement with the primary sources (i.e. the required readings) in question and, where necessary, relevant secondary sources.  In fact, try not to refer to my notes at all.

Since Module I is tested by the term paper, the final exam will test knowledge of the remaining module(s).

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